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Bagel Dough, Bread Dough, Cookie Dough

To quote Homer Simpson, "Doh!" Sorry I had to do that. Today was a perfect day for me. I baked most of the day. Besides the Bagel Dough, Bread Dough, Cookie Dough, I also mixed Pie Crust Dough and Pizza Dough for tomorrow.

The bread dough was my usual Italian Bread recipe for Noshtalgia. The recipe is called No Knead French Bread but we use it as Italian bread. I let the dough rise longer than the recipe calls for. That is usually because I have other things going on than just making the bread. The dough is beautiful to work with. Click here for the original recipe.

The cookie recipe was a nice surprise.  I was flipping through a cookbook, The Silver Palate Cookbook, which is where the Pate Brise recipe can be found. Inside one of the pages was tucked a handwritten recipe of my Mom's. The Ice Tray Cookies. I have made these before and the recipe is already on the blog but I was thinking of making cookies so the timing was perfect. I cut the recipe in half so maybe by ne…

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