Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Only 54 Blog Posts!

Wow. I guess I was too busy this year to do any posts. Not even enough for a year-end best-of list!
It was a crazy year. My job was, let's just say really busy. I would get home from work and composing a sentence was too much to pull off.

The year started with our cat, Archie, being very sick. That was a tough situation for all of us. We lost him on February 23. I still miss that little guy.

We did bring Patrick, the World's Most Interesting Cat, home from Forgotten Felines to be part of our family on March 31. He is so sweet, so large and so funny.

Patrick and Lucy seem to get along, at times...

Now about the food. Let's see if I can come up with a top ten list.
  1. Feb. 2 - Osso Bucco, made in the slow cooker. It could not have been easier.
  2. Mar. 24 - Sorry Mom But There Is A New Sauce In Town. Lidia's Bolognese recipe. It was delicious. Truly delicious. I have only made this sauce recipe since March... sorry Mom.
  3. Mar. 26 - Sausage Frittata. This was a different Frittata recipe than my usual. I loved it! The recipe is from La Cucina, The Regional Cooking of Italy
  4. April 24 - Cannoli Bits. The dessert I brought to Palm Sunday dinner.
  5. June 14 - Lobster Oreganato. First, kill the lobster. 
  6. July 6 -  No-Churn Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream. I made Ice Cream! My Dad would have loved this!
  7. July 27 - Frittelle di Pasta Cresciuta Con Zucchine.  Love this recipe!
  8. August 20 - Baked Stuffed Tomatoes. I wish we could get tomatoes from Cole's Farm Stand all year!
  9. Sept 24 - Sheet Pan Steak and Potatoes.  I do love a 30-minute meal.
  10. I am happy I came up with 9. Next year I will try to do more posts.