Sunday, October 18, 2009

What do you eat when you are under the weather?

I am presently dealing with a cough and just feeling not well. So I have been denied access to my kitchen by my husband. We are probably all better off for that decision. It will be an interesting few days of dinners. I am sure they will be tasty and perhaps I will even blog about them. But until than I will stay under the covers and rest....
Go Saints!So what do you eat when you are under the weather? For me it is Hot and Sour Soup. I was introduced to the soup a number of years ago by my friend Heidi. I had never had it before and was dealing with a bit of congestion and she said to have a bowl and I have not regret it. It allows me to breathe. Ah what a feeling. Now I have added to the mix Ma Po Tofu, which is tofu, peas and scallions in a spicy sauce. I requested it to be extra spicy. And it was. And it was good.

So the whole resting thing was interesting today. I wandered around the internet and found a number of cool food blogs. Some of them have been added to my blog list. I also found some interesting recipes that I will attempt as soon as I am over this thing.

And the Saints Won!


Verdigris Vie said...

I am all about the classics. I love to make a traditional chicken soup..I love the way the house smells,when everything has been boiling for an hour. I make this every couple of weeks come winter, and we are all better for it.ahhh..

Hope you feel better soon. Sweet and sour soup sounds deelish..:-)


Proud Italian Cook said...

Hope you're feeling better. Nothing like a hot bowl of sweet and sour to cure congestion. I'm all about spicy too!