Thursday, June 29, 2023

Fettuccine with Zucchini, Peppers, Bacon, and Burrata

One of my favorite summer pasta dishes is Pasta with Zucchini.
Any type of pasta will do. Tonight I had fettuccini that I picked up at Bishop's last week.
There is not a "recipe" for this. But for the sake of the blog I will type how I prepared the meal.
I started off by cooking four pieces of bacon. Then I wiped out the pan and added some olive oil and butter. Sliced one zucchini, one shallot, 1/2 of a red pepper and sauteed that in the olive oil and butter until the vegetable were cooked. Low heat and slow going. 
Boiled the pasta and saved 3/4 of the pasta water. I added the pasta to the cooked vegetables. Adding some cheese, parmigiana, and water to help make a sauce.
It is a visual think, adding the water and cheese. Keep the heat low and keep and eye on the consistency. I add a knob of butter at the end just because. When each dish was served a slice of Burrata cheese was added to the top of the pasta.

Oh, we had meatballs from Rocco's Off Wooster so we heated those up too.

Delicious dinner with leftovers which will be used as a pasta pie later next week.

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