Caesar Salad and Meat Pie

Yesterday I bought, for $2.50, the largest head of Red Leaf Lettuce that I had ever seen! So tonight we had a Caesar Salad. Before anyone says that I should have used Romaine I am not a HUGE fan. I don't mind it but given a choice I would pick Red or Green Leaf or even Boston Bibb over Romaine any day. Now the Croutons are the star of this salad. I used Sage, Parsley, Rosemary and Thyme from my herb plants on the deck. 
The other star of the dinner was the Meat Pie. Back at Easter I froze a pie or two....


Velva said…
Romaine holds up nicely to the heavy dressing but red leaf works too. A lovely meal of ceasar salad and meat pie.

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