Saturday, April 19, 2014

Holy Saturday Batman!

Here's the deal - I have either been sick or away for the past few weekends. What that means is that cooking dinner has not been a priority. We are back to a normal, knock on wood, schedule so part of my weekends will be spent preparing food for the upcoming week. Tomorrow being Easter, dinner at my sister's house, I had to get my work done today. Shopping and cooking in one day. Oh and that sink full of dishes. Honestly cooking is easy. Cleaning up is hard.

Even though I did all that cooking we still needed dinner for tonight. I picked up Fava Beans, one of Chris's favorites, at Bishops. I made Sausage and Fontinella Cheese Meatballs and had a couple leftover from the dish they will appear in later this week. So I had Fava beans and meatballs. There was Pancetta and one onion left over from today's cooking. Dinner was coming together.

But I needed pasta. I made a batch of my favorite pasta from Tide and Thyme. Perfect pasta every thyme!
I sauteed the pancetta and onion. Tossed in the fava beans which were shelled, peeled and boiled earlier. Some butter. Some white wine, about a 1/2 cup. I let that cook down and added the cooked pasta and about a 1/2 cup of pasta water. Parmesan cheese on top and dinner was served.

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