Sunday, July 13, 2014

1/2 Broccoli Rabe and Beans and 1/2 Bacon Pizza

I like Broccoli Rabe and Chris likes Bacon. If we were ordering a pie we would get half Broccoli Rabe and half Bacon. So that is what I did at home. There was some Broccoli Rabe that did not get used last night. I blanched it and chopped it up. I had made pinto beans, I was planning on making a soup, but then changed my mind. I had soaked the beans last night and cooked them off this morning. I froze most of them, but kept some out for the pizza. The pizza dough was the Jim Lahey recipe. I did have a piece of the bacon, quality control all that. And Chris tried the Rabe and liked it. 

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