Friday, July 11, 2014

Pasta with Chard, Eggplant Balls and Quinoa-Bulgur Balls

I channeled my Dad as I was cooking dinner tonight. He would always say that he would make a pan of beans and start adding so many things he would end up with more food than he could eat. 

Tonight's dinner started as Ravioli with Vodka Sauce. I had a container of the sauce in the freezer, which I put in the fridge last night. This morning I realized that I had taken out the smaller of the two containers that I had frozen. Not a problem I had some Marinara Sauce in the freezer which I defrosted. While in the freezer getting the Marinara Sauce I notice a zip lock bag of Eggplant Balls and Red Quinoa and Bulgur Balls. I think, "Why not!" But wait there is more.

I had some Swiss Chard that I had picked up at Jake's Farm Stand. Yeah, you guessed it. I heated up the Vodka Sauce and the Marinara Sauce in a skillet. I added the Eggplant and Quinoa Balls. Then I sliced the chard and added it to the pan. Seasoned with salt, pepper and crushed red pepper and the sauce was complete. But wait there is more.

I went to get the ravioli out of the freezer and noticed I had two opened bags, of course there was not enough. Grrrrr. Into the pantry I went and pulled out a partial bag of linguine. This is when this meal reminded me of my Dad. All the pasta had the same cooking time.

This was such a delicious meal. Pasta overload? Maybe, but I did not hear any complaints from my husband. And this was not the first time I cooked like my Dad. I found this post from a Friday in July last year.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend.

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