Sunday, April 26, 2015

As long as you have dinner ready...

One of the things my mom always said was that as long as you had dinner ready there was no reason why you could not go out shopping. Today was 9 years that my mom past. Every year on this day I go to mass and I go shopping. And I make sure I have dinner ready.

Tonight we had meatball sandwiches. The meatballs were made last week and put in the freezer. (I was planning ahead.) I made the sauce when I got home from shopping, I was only gone 4 hours and that included going to mass. The sauce was Marcella Hazan's recipe, of course.
The salad came together quickly when I realized I had nothing else to serve as a side. I had a little farro and a little pasta. I cooked both up and added some chopped carrots and celery, some fontina cheese and cured olives. The dressing was olive oil and lemon juice with parsley and salt and pepper.

And I did by a pair of shoes and a 3 tops today! 
Thank you Mom for the many years of combat shopping training. 
And thanks for making the matching outfits!
Miss you...

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