Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Sauasge, Eggplant Balls, and Mario Batali Sauce

Yes I have jarred sauce in the pantry. Ah but not just any jarred sauce. There are 3 brands that I will pick up when they are on sale. Lidia's, Rao's and Mario Batali. Tonight, being the first night I was back in the kitchen since that little virus issue, I wanted to make something very easy. I had Eggplant Balls in the freezer and a little Sweet Italian Sausage. And there was Mario Batali's Marinara Sauce.

I browned the sausage and added a little white wine to the pan. I reduced that and scraping up browned bits of sausage. I added the sauce to the pan and heated it up. I seasoned the pan with oregano and crushed red pepper. I then added the Eggplant Balls and heated them through.

I made Fettuccine noodles with just butter as a side.

This was quite good. The sauce, for a jarred sauce, was nice. Not garlicky, which we all know we do not like!

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