Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas Dinner

Merry Christmas! A fairly easy feast this year. I was off on Friday and Saturday so prepping for dinner was not rushed situation. It was relaxed and rather enjoyable.

It was just 4 of us for dinner. Drinks were enjoyed with some rather tasty appetizers.
We started off with this Rosemary, Olives, and Mozzarella Wreath. Really pretty and really easy. I found this on Pinterest.

I was so happy when I re-found this recipe. Oven Baked Spinach and Rice Arancini. I made these for book club once and for the life of me I could not find the darn recipe.  I made this batch with Aborio Rice that I was planning on using for regular fried Arancini. This was a healthier and lighter appetizer. The sauce, of course, Marcella Hazan's Tomato, Onion and Butter Sauce.

This Bruschetta was a new recipe. I found it on SaveurCavolo Nero and Prosciutto Bruschetta. Another light and packed with flavor appetizer.

As any regular reader of this blog knows, this is my FAVORITE thing in the world. My sister's Cappelletti in her amazing Chicken broth. So damn good.

But as it is Christmas we had a Christmas roast. This year I opted for the same roast and recipe as last year. This year it was cooked perfectly. And for the first time,  I think ever, I finished my whole slice of meat that was on my plate!
The recipe was from the Fresh Market site. Herb Crusted New York Strip Roast. I purchased the roast at Robert's. Why break with tradition? It was melt in your mouth good. I was very proud of how this turned out.

Another Christmas tradition, Thyme Popovers. I like making extra to freeze!

Another new entry for a potato dish. Loved this one. Healthy Potato Gratin with Herbs. No dairy, just chicken stock, thyme and rosemary.

I had to have something green on the table. My choice was Broccolini and Peas. It had seared lemons on top but they were really not necessary.

Merry Christmas to all. Peace and Love.

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