Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Derek Jeter Day and Happy Mother's Day

I remember walking into the living room back in 1995 and asking Chris who was the new Yankee. Chris replied, "Derek Jeter." That is when I started to follow the New York Yankees. Today his number "2" was retired and it was Derek Jeter Day at the stadium. We watched the ceremony on TV while we ate dinner. Our Mother's Day dinner. Pizza.
Sunday nights and Pizza go hand in hand when I think of my Mom. The Sunday mornings memories of the heat blasting in the house, which was a normal occurrence. The dough rising in bowls which were covered with jackets and set in front of the heating vents. My Mom rolling out the dough and her letting me add the sauce. The house was like a pizzeria.
Tonight I made a pizza using up some leftovers. The sausage and peppers were from Thursday night. I had some pepperoni that I had boiled and did not use in the Easter Meat Pies that was in the freezer. And I sauteed a couple onions. Wow! Could this have been the best pizza pie of this year? It sure tasted like it.

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