Friday, June 2, 2017

Hard Work Pays Off

What??? Here is the story. Last week I had a vacation day. A change had to be made to a website at 10 pm that night. I had just gotten in bed but decided to take one last look at my emails. Always a mistake. I saw the email about the edit. So I got out of bed and made the edits. For my service, the owner of the company I work for gave me his credit card and told me to take my husband out for dinner. Very nice. We ate at Quattro's tonight.

Quattro's is one of my favorite restaurants. I think Quattros and Leon's are my favorite two. But Quattro's is closer so I picked that one.

We started with appetizers of Grilled Calamari and Mussels which were sauteed in a white wine sauce. Fantastic! A little spicy which we loved. And I did not take photos!

For dinner Chris had the Boneless Duck Breas seared and finished in an orange, cherry, and Grand Marnier Sauce. He loves duck. I am not that big a fan.

I decided on the NY Strip Steak. It was topped with a sauce of scallions, mushroom, and brandy. Oh my! The steak melted in my mouth.

I even had dessert! I went with the Tartufo. It was the right size portion for the two of us. I think I let Chris have one taste!

Thank you, John, for a wonderful night out! 

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