Friday, August 25, 2017

Pasta Martinelli

Why Martinelli? That is my sister's last name. She and her husband, Ralph, gave us the Zucchini, Tomatoes and Green Beans from their garden. This pasta dish came together very easily. I started by sauteing the sliced zucchini in butter and olive oil. When they were tender I added the green beans. There were some leftover peppers and onions from the Sausage and Peppers we had earlier in the week. Of course, they were added to the pan. Next, I diced the tomatoes that Lenore and Ralph gave us. When they started to break down I added some olives. When the pasta was almost done I saved about a cup of the water. The pasta was added to the saute pan to finish cooking. I added Parmesan Cheese and some the of pasta water until there was enough of each to make a nice sauce. Then I added some diced fresh Mozzarella. What I was actually doing with this recipe was cleaning out all the bits and pieces of things in the fridge. The result was an amazing pasta dish. It was seasoned simply with salt, pepper, oregano, and parsley.

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