Sunday, December 31, 2017

Pork Scaloppine with Olives and Celery

Pork Scaloppine with Olives and Celery, or Scaloppine di Maiale con Olive E Sedano. Another recipe from Lidia's Celebrate Like an Italian.

I wanted to make something really nice and rather easy for New Years Eve dinner. This was the perfect meal. I had the celery, and olives chopped and all the other ingredients set up so it took no time to get this on the table. The pork was moist. The sauce was perfect. We had a green salad as a side dish. This has been a week of a lot of carbs.

Speaking of carbs, I made some bread today. Yesterday I filled our freezer with Chicken Stock and today I loaded it up with bread. Two loaves of Olives and Rosemary Bread and two loaves of just plain Rosemary bread. And yes the house did smell amazing today!

I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year right now because midnight is past my bedtime.

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