Sunday, December 31, 2017

2017 - My Favorite Dinners

This was not a really good year for my blog. Lots of stuff was going on and posting was not a priority. That being said I picked out a few dinners that were personal favorites.

The first was from January, Slow Cooker Chicken, Bacon, and Potato Soup. I am still surprised that it was not a heavy a soup as I thought it would be. It is a recipe we have had a couple of times since January.

February would definitely be my birthday dinner at Quattro's. As my sister says you never get a bad meal there.

My favorite dinner from March was the Crockpot Corn Beef and Guinness Beer. I love  What's Cookin' Italian Style blog. This was quite good and we will probably have it in 2018 for Saint Patrick's Day.

April? Well, nothing really stood out to me.

But May was a different story.  My favorite dinner of 2017. Clam Castle. Soft Shell Crab. Really do not need to say anything else. I can not wait until next summer!!

Also in May was the 100th Anniversary Saint Lawrence School Tea.  I was fortunate to be on the committee for the tea and I met women that I would want on my Cookie Swap Dream Team. I am a self-professed cookie snob. My sister's cookies are the only ones I really like. (But this Christmas Eve Steve brought some pretty darn good cookies to the table.) Anyway, the cookies from the tea really blew my mind. OMG. They were fantastic!

June brought the first post for a pasta recipe that I have made so many times this year. The Zucchini Sauce. I have altered it every time I have made it and it is still my favorite.

In August there was a tie for favorite dinner.
First up was Skillet Gnocchi with Grilled Corn and Burrata. Put the word Burrata on a recipe and I am sold.
The other favorite was Pasta Martinelli. Veggies from my sister's garden and a few things in the fridge resulted in an amazing pasta dish.

September, October, November... Like I said a lot of stuff was going on this year.

Finally, we are in December. Any guesses for favorite dinner? Another tie! Christmas Eve Dinner and the Christmas Day Cupalets.

I hope everyone has a Happy New Year and hope that 2018 is a healthy, peaceful and prosperous year for all.

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