Saturday, March 5, 2022

Finally a Steak Pizzaiola Recipe That I Like

My Mom made the best steak pizzaiola. It is one of the recipes that I kick myself for not watching as she made it. Another lost recipe.

I have tried other recipes. Even winging it and hoping I could somehow channel what my Mom might have used in her prep. But never ever was it close the her recipe.

Until tonight. I found a recipe for steak pizzaiola that I now will use every time I make steak pizzaiola. Chef Bill Parisi Cooking Techniques and Homemade Recipes. I googled steak pizzaiola and his recipe was one of the top recipes to show up. Wow!! Dinner in under 30 minutes. Of course, I did not use the garlic, but still the aroma in the kitchen was quite inviting.

The steak was cooked perfectly. Chris loved this. I loved this. Yeah!!!!

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