Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Nothing like a home cooked meal or two.

Monday night was a welcome home meal. Beef Kebobs with the beef marinated in soy sauce, worcestershire sauce, mustard and oil. My husband picked up some Orzo Salad and I added some extra feta cheese and some stuffed grape leaves to it.

Now for this evening's dinner. The first night I posted a blog was when I had finished baking the Easter Meat Pies. Well I had put one of them in the freezer and tonight we had that with a garden salad. Having Meat Pie in July is one of the best reasons for baking.

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Velva said...

I see you are home now from vacation. Kebabs look fabulous! Easter meat pie and a good salad make a great meal.

I am still in Holland. I have taken lots of photos! I have a lot to write and share with everyone. My belly has been in a constant state of fullness since arriving (laugh)