Friday, July 3, 2009


It is the funniest thing, I was thinking that I should try to make food every day that I am on vacation that starts with a letter in the word VACATION. Well I did not give it much thought and what did I make tonight Vongole! I did not even realize this until we were cleaning up.

Anyway yesterday around 1pm I ordered Simple Italian Snacks at Amazon and I received it today! No special shipping or anything.

Well this book is great. I made 3 recipes from it today. We had as appetizers Bruschetta of Herbed Riccotta with Black Pepper and Bruschetta Alla Romana. For dinner I made Vongole. It took 10 minutes and it was perfect. I picked up Italian bread which was needed to soak up the sauce. The first bruschetta was a really delicious. Just fresh herbs, olive oil and ricotta cheese. The second one was like a caesar salad with anchovies. It called for egg but said if you were hesitant about the eggs just add extra olive oil. That is what I opted for. I could not get over how easy the vongole was. Just heat the tomato, wine, garlic (yes I used garlic) red pepper flakes to boil and add the clams.

So let's see if I make something that starts with the leter A tomorrow... I am doubting that will happen.

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Kim said...

I've never heard of vongole before...curious to see what tomorrow brings with the letter A. Happy 4th!