Monday, August 31, 2009

Chicken Triangles Revisited with Chilled Creamy Cucumber Soup

That's right this is the clean out the freezer and fridge week. I just did not want to spend a lot at the grocery store and I didn't need to, as long as my husband keeps an open mind this week (no it won't be that bad).

Back in oh I think it was July I made a recipe for Chicken Triangles and I mentioned I had enough to freeze for another meal. Ta Da! Tonight was the meal. They were as tasty and flaky as in July!

Also made a Chilled Creamy Cucumber Soup, recipe from I did not realize that the fall season was starting early this year so a chilled soup would have been better received perhaps if it was warmed. The cukes came from the guy my husband works with, my supplier of Broccoli Rabe. The soup was good, I thought... Just remember they can't all be winners!

Also finished up that Potato Salad from last night and yes Velva I added the Tarragon and it was more flavorful! Thanks for the push.


Velva said...

Good! You added the tarragon-YEAH!

Like you, I have been thinking about doing a 5-day challenge that requires me to try to see what meals I can put together without going to grocery store for 5 days.I have all kinds of things in hidden my pantry. Surely, I can come up with a few meals. Good way to save money too,

Kim said...

I'm totally with you on cleaning out that pantry. I just keep going to the store and stocking up on things! I love the chicken triangles. I've been looking up recipes for chilled soups, but it seems the weather is calling for hot soups. It all looks terrific.

My Little Space said...

I would love to have those chicken triagle! Can you share those with me?...he he!