Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mediterranean Roast Beef Pita Revisited

I had planned on making Mediterranean Roast Beef Pita but got home a little later than planned but my husband picked up the ball for me. We had this dish back in July and it was as good as it was then.
My husband said that we did not have Cider Vinegar so he used Rice Wine Vinegar and he forgot to add the red onion. Considering I was figuring we would just have Roast Beef Sandwiches this was a pleasant surprise.
We had corn on the cob from my dad's (my 92 year old dad) garden. It was delicious. Sweet and tender. Cow corn... I don't think so.


margot said...

Hi Lucia, thanks for stopping by my blog today; it's always nice to "meet" new food bloggers! That looks like a lovely summer dinner, I look forward to seeing more!

My Little Space said...

Oh wow, I always wanted to try out something with pita bread. And yours one looks absolutely wonderful!