Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fresh Mozzarella Cheese

Went to Stew Leonards for the first time today and it was love at first sight and bite. There was a display for fresh Mozzarella cheese. I picked up piece and noticed the price was less than what I usually pay. Than I notice the man behind the counter with a large pan of water making the mozzarella. He asked would I like to try a taste of the cheese he just made. Oh My God. Never have I ever tasted anything so delicious. It was soft and smooth. It was love.
It made me think of food that I have eaten over the years that has left a memory of the taste that has I have not forgotten. First would have to be my mom's stuffed artichokes. The breading and olives... Then there was her stuffed veal pocket. Again the stuffing was something I really wish I had the recipe for. Next would be the soup my sister and her husband make on Christmas Day. Then there was the Salmon I had when I was in Seattle. It was so long ago but the still I remember the taste. I found something that sounds close to in on the internet, Tillicum Village Salmon Bake, not sure if this is the same spot we went to but the salmon is cooked the same way. And last but not least the stuffed calamari my brother-in-law made last Christmas Eve. Again it is a stuffing thing...
Tonight as a surprise appetizer I made brushetta with the fresh mozz and tomatoes and basil. Well the surprise was ruined by my burning the first batch of bread under the broiler. : (
Even my husband was amazed at the taste of the cheese.
I picked up a few other items there and they will appear at some point on this blog.
For dinner I made breaded pork cutlets with rice and green beans. What I like best about pork cutlets is the apple sauce!

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