Saturday, September 12, 2009

Seared Scallops with Peas and Potato Dominoes

The scallops were a delicious Gordon Ramsay recipe from Healthy Appetite cookbook that I made back in June. This time I followed the recipe more closely. The original recipe calls for fava beans which unfortunately I could not find.

12 sea scallops
coarse sea salt
thyme leaves
green peas, if frozen thawed
olive oil
mint, roughly chopped
extra virgin olive oil, to drizzle

Put the thyme leaves on cutting board and mix with sea salt. Sprinkle the salt mixture over one side of the scallops. Heat skillet and add olive oil. This part is directly from the Ramsay recipe - "Pan-fry the scallops for 1 1/2 minutes on each side, depending on thickness-they should feel slightly springy when pressed. Make sure you turn them in the same order you put them into the pan to ensure even cooking." Remove from pan and add peas to skillet and add a splash of water and a little butter. Heat to warm through and season to taste and add the mint leaves.
Spoon veggies onto a plate. Top with scallops and drizzle with olive oil.

Now about the Potato Dominoes. I found out about these potatoes on the Proud Italian Cook blog. The photo looked amzing so of course I had to try the recipe. On that blog was a link to the Steamy Kitchen blog. Here you will find a step by step recipe. I used Proud Italian recipe with the olive oil and rosemary. I did not use a mandoline. It is the one kitchen item I just have hard time operating. My husband said his only comment would be that next time I make more!


Velva said...

Gordon Ramsey has a quite a few great simple recipes. Your scallop dish with peas looks pretty good. I really like scallops!

My Little Space said...

Ooo...I love those scallops and these look absolutely delicious!