Sunday, December 18, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

It's time for a review of what we had for dinner this week.

Tuesday - Italian Wedding Soup
Food Styling by Chris
Wednesday - Baked Escarole and Beans

Thursday - Boeuf Daube
I made this back in November and had enough for a meal for the freezer, thank goodness!

Friday - Bacon and Cheese Omelets
Did you ever have one of those days were the work day just does not seem to end. Well at 7:15pm  Chris made dinner. What did we have in the fridge... not much. I meant to take something out of the freezer but I did not. He made the most delicious Bacon and Cheese Omelets.

Saturday - Fettuccine with Peppers and Sand
A twist on a recipe I made quite often from the Frugal Gourmet. Dinner does not get simpler than this.
We also had some Seafood Polpettes, they are test run for next week. As I was taking this photo I thought I should put these on a white plate. But that would involve putting another dish in the sink!

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