Saturday, December 29, 2012

Straw with Hay, My Way!

For Christmas Chris gave me Lidia's Favorite Recipes. I can see myself doing a Julie & Julia type thing because I want to make every recipe. Today I made Rice and Zucchini Crostata. An interesting recipe. The Aborio rice absorbs the liquid from the grated zucchini and is baked. Mine did not come out looking like the one in the book... it was the crust. I need to work on that more. My crust tasted good but I think is should be thinner next time.

For dinner I was going to make Lidia's recipe for Straw and Hay. I made the pasta (used the recipe from Tide and Thyme), but did not make any spinach pasta, just got too tired. I reached for the prosciutto and hey there was none there! Scallions, darn it I only bought enough for the Crostata. But we forged ahead. I had pancetta. And boy was that a good choice. The pasta was delicious and the sauce was better because of the pancetta.

And I did some baking, actually I started the dough yesterday. I made a rye bread and ciabatta using the Jim Lahey 18 hour recipe. It is sooooo easy!

And one more thing....
This is a table runner that I made for my niece. It is made from doilies that my mother tatted when she was young. When I saw this done on Under the Sycamore blog I knew I had to try it. I recently came across quite of few of my mom's doilies so I was ready to go.

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