Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Bread and Vegetable “Lasagna”

I found this recipe on Living the Gourmet blog. Gosh I wish I lived in the same town as Catherine. Her recipes always are excellent. This one was very easy and really delicious. And Chris like it. The toasted bread made a perfect crust for this "Lasagna." I can see adding any type of vegetable but we are fans of Zucchini and Onions!

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Catherine said...

Dear Lucia, I wish you lived in the same town too.
It would be so nice to meet you. You are such a warm and kind person. I can tell by the love and care you put into your cooking and the joy it brings to you to see the faces of the ones you love.

Thank you for trying my recipe. I hope you enjoyed it.
Blessings dear friend and a hug, Catherine xoxo