Friday, July 8, 2016

Vacation Day Eight - Jake's Farm Stand Is Now Open

A sense of calm that has come over me. Jake's Farm Stand is open for the summer. We will now have the best corn on the cob. We will eat the most amazing tomatoes. And I will have to spend only $2.50 for a huge head of lettuce that will make lunches for the week. Happy day!
Tonight along with the Salad, lettuce from Jake's, and the Corn on the Cob, from Jake's, we had a Shoulder London Broil. I had wanted Sirloin Tip Steaks which was on sale, but they were out of them at Robert's. I asked the butcher for something he would recommend in that same price range. He suggested the Shoulder London Broil. Always trust your butcher.
Delicious meat. We marinated in a little A-1 Sauce. Tender and the flavor was just what you expect a steak to taste like. Chris did an wonderful job on the grill.

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