Wednesday, January 25, 2017

So What Have We Been Having For Dinner?

Whoa! January 7th was my last post. Why? Well, let's just say I have taken on some extra work. I like what I do for a living so I do a lot of it. That being said, I have not had time to do a post.  I even started the year trying to take part in the #cook90. Yeah, that was the first thing to be dropped. It seemed like fun but it always comes down to the issue of time. Enough talk about things other than food. If I can not write the posts for every day I missed this month I can at least share some of the photos! Never too busy to take a photo! And these are in no particular order.

 Some breakfast food. Granola.

Mark Bittman's Lentil Soup with Georgia Hots

 Slow Cooker Beef and Barley Soup.
This recipe made enough for 2 dinners and a meal for the freezer.
DIY White Castle Burgers. Love these!
Did not saute the onions this time. Not bad!

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