Friday, April 2, 2010

Let's Eat Out

"Let's Eat Out" is a phrase I love hearing. We have not been to Zhang's since the start of Lent. So off we went. We started with Crab Rangoon and Szechuan Ravioli (I ate one and realized there was meat in them, so much for meatless Fridays). Moving on to the main course I had my usual, Ma Pao Tofu. As always it was delicious. Chris had Shrimp Teriyaki. The best part was there were no dishes to wash.

So I made the Meat Pies Wednesday night and cut into one yesterday. They came out perfect!

Lastly there is a new blog to follow. Sh*t my 5-year-old says. Jack is a pretty funny kid. Some of the stuff he says is very cute.

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Debi said...

Hey thanks! :)

Meat pie was DELICIOUS!!! Before John ate it all, of course.