Beef Rolls Roman Style

Involtini alla Romana from the Lazio region. Recipe from La Cucina. I had a vacation day today so I was able to "fuss" for dinner. It was fun cooking a full meal mid week. This was so delicious. The sauce smelled so good when I added the wine. And it seems like a long time since we had rice. I made Rice Select Jasmati, it is one of our favorites, after the Arborio.

For lunch I made a salad with Arugula, Tomato, Avocado, Olives, Roasted Cauliflower and Figs (from my dad's garden! They taste extra sweet this year).


My Little Space said…
So impressived! Salad from your dad's garden! How lovely was that. Hope you're having a fabulous day.
lucy said…
what beautiful salad! and the recipe of beeef rolls is very delicious.very great lunch!j think it is possible to keep chicken in my recipe! try and say me!kiss
I think Chicken would be very good. Will put that on my recipes list.
Those look wonderful . . . and you obviously had much better success than I did the day I "fussed" over my chicken roulades! I'll try these next . . . and soon! And the salad!! Why can't I have fresh figs?
Burcin said…
That salad looks amazing!

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