Saturday, October 23, 2010

Apple and Ricotta Ravioli in a Meat Ragu

Today we went to see Lombardi on Broadway. My maiden name was Lombardi, no relation to the great Vince Lombardi, but the nuns were sure that Vince Lombardi was my uncle. If you get an opportunity see this play you should. Amazing performances.

Before the play we had a light lunch at Smith's Bar. After the play we went to The Algonquin Hotel Blue Bar. A very nice bar but a bit pricey.

Now on to dinner. Re Sette is our favorite Italian Restaurant in New York. We have never had a bad meal there. We started with Fried Calamari and a small plate of meatballs made from lamb. They were excellent. For dinner I had Ravioli filled with Apple and Ricotta in a Meat Sauce. I had read about Ravioli filled with apple on an Italian food blog so when I saw it on the menu I had to give it a try. I cleaned my plate! The apple was subtle but the meat sauce was amazing. It was pork and it tasted very close to what my mom use to make. Chris had the Homemade Lobster Ravioli with Shrimp, Shallots & Tomato in a Pink Sauce. He cleaned his plate too. Lenore had the Baby Pork Loins with Dried Cranberries in Grappa & Cranberry Reduction. Ralph had the Pollo Con Lemoncello. We had a nice bottle of Ruffino Modus 2006. Excellent choice! Tiramsu, Pistachio Gelato and a Poached Pear finished off the meal. What a day.


Whats Cookin Italian Style Cuisine said...

wow these sound fabulous!

Lucia from Madison said...

Thanks! I was actually just reading your last blog post, Fall Veggies and Chicken. Will try making it soon!

My Little Space said...

What a cool combination! Ravioli is something I always wanted to try out. Thanks alot and have a great weekend.

Nico said...

I'm glad you enjoyed my blog! And thanks for being my first follower!

Rosemary @ Sprigs of Rosemary said...

Sounds like a wonderful day . . . The ravioli(s?) would be wonderful, I'm sure. I'll try to remember the restaurant's name; that is, if I ever get to NY. (It's been years!) The pistachio gelato would be a big hit with me, too.