Pizza and a Few Loaves of Bread

Let's start at the beginning. This past week I was on the Food52 site and came across a bread recipe. Pain a l'Ancienne. I had to make it. So I started the dough yesterday morning. The first two loaves did not come out as nicely shaped as I would have liked but the next to were spot on. This dough had great texture. And I liked the addition of Wheat Germ.
Then there was a recipe on another blog. Food Wondering and Marbled Rye Bread. Yes I made this today. It looks so cool. Hopefully Chris will like it in his lunch tomorrow. Such an easy recipe to follow.
So what was for dinner... well seeing I was into the flour I made pizza dough. Half of the pie was just canned tomatoes and cheese. The other half was the leftover tomatoes from last night's chicken and some roasted cauliflower. We ate the whole thing!
And someone liked having me in the kitchen today...


That looks absolutely gorgeous! Wow, I want to make that now!
Shulie said…
Oh my goodness am so impressed with your bread it came out perfect. The marbling a beauty and proportionate!! So happy!!
Mr. Bill said…
Wow beautiful!! If you need a home for your wonderful cat...let me know...I will come and pick 'em up!!
lucy said…
also you with the love of bread!!very particular and the pizza is wonderful!!!AMORE ITALIANO!!!
kiss and good year!

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