Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Farro with Butternut Squash and Chestnuts

I have been trying to use up things. Cleaning out the freezer has been going nicely. Why? Because I am getting tired of the amount of money I have been spending at the grocery store. My last trip for a "couple of things" was close to $50. I think it is crazy what I spend a week for just 2 of us. Well okay the cats have to eat too but really....
I have a kitchen closet that has a lot of stuff in it. Stuff I bought for one recipe and other stuff because of curiosity, hence the chestnuts. I love chestnuts but to roast chestnuts for one recipe, not likely. Anyway the other day I was cruising around Cookstr and found this recipe. I had opened the package of chestnuts from a previous dinner.
Yes this is a meatless meal. But I am sure you could add meat... perhaps a meatball?

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