Monday, August 6, 2012

Roasted Corn Soup with Tomato

There are certain catalogs that I look forward to getting in the mail. One would be the William Sonoma catalog. The latest one contained a couple of recipes we will be trying this week. Tonight we had Roasted Corn Soup with Tomato.

I love the corn from Jake's farm stand. When I saw this recipe I imagined how good it could taste. My imagination was spot on. The roasted corn and tomatoes had a wonderful flavor. And the chili powder really added a nice kick. I did not add the cream. First of all I forgot to get it at the store, don't you hate when that happens. And I thought it would be fine without it. I was right. But next time I just might add it.
To go with the soup we had our famous "Big Salad." Fortunately Chris had this constructed by the time I got home.

So what did we have for dinner a year ago?
Gamberi Coi Fagioli, Shrimp and Beans


So what did we have for dinner 2 years ago?
So what did we have for dinner 3 years ago?

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Sprigs of Rosemary said...

That soup looks (and sounds) like the roasted corn and tomato salad I just made!