Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Day 1

This one was really scary. The wind was so strong. Fortunately our house did not sustain any damage. But of course we lost power at 1:20pm. Ah bring on the disposable utensils and blue solo cups.
Now I knew we would loss power. The utility company was spot on in their prediction.

So for dinner after the obligatory hurricane cocktail we sat down to sandwiches of Boar's Head London Broil, on sale this week with American Cheese. The side dish was Lay's Potato Chips.

But now onto the wine. Chris picked up a bottle of Dogajola Toscano 2010. The description said it would be good with cold cuts! Perfect. It was a nice wine and even tasted good in the blue solo cups!

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Unknown said...

We had no power for about 36 hours and no real damage aside from minor annoyances. We were very lucky, other parts of our neighborhood fared much worse.