New Haven Apizza & Bakery

I had a lot of little things going on today so I opted for getting dinner to go. I called New Haven Apizza & Bakery and ordered 2 Daily Specials. Broccoli over Rigatoni for me and Braciole with Meatball & Sausage over Rigatoni for Chris. We had not had pasta since June 8! Our dinners were delicious. I requested light on the garlic and glad I did. I tasted the Meatball and Braciole. So good! Loved it and really needed a dish of pasta.... Now if I could just get my hands on an Almond Joy....


Velva said…
We just don't have that quality of Italian food where I live....This looks Delicious!

Hi Velva. Yes we are lucky especially with this new place. So delicious!

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