Lasagna Cupcakes

Time for Book Club! Our first book gathering was held at my house. We had read Eight Hundred Grapes by Laura Dave. In the book the Mother makes a Lasagna that has a secret ingredient. The secret ingredient is Chocolate. Chocolate is added to the sauce. Really? I had never heard of this. A pinch of sugar, yes, but not Chocolate. Then I thought of a Mole Sauce and did some online investigating. I found a video of the book's author making sauce and adding Chocolate. Then I found a recipe from Sicily that added Chocolate to a Meat Sauce. So I did it. I added about a 1/2 teaspoon to about 3 cups of my Mom's Meat Sauce recipe. It was quite good. It added a little depth to the sauce.

I did not want to make a tray of Lasagna so I lined cupcake trays with parchment paper and layered the noodles (yes I cut the Lasagna noodles with a round cookie cutter), Ricotta, the sauce and Mozzarella cheese. I topped the cupcakes with sauce and cheese. A hit!

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