Monday, October 5, 2015

Minestra Maritata

When my Mom started to forget things, I sat her down and wrote down her recipes. I got her recipe for Minestra Maritata but that piece of paper has disappeared. I am sure it will turn up some day, but until then I am searching for something that comes close to her recipe for Minestra Maritata. This recipe is pretty close. Time consuming? Yes. Saturday was the perfect day to make this. I put eight ziplock bags of this in the freezer! And it was good. But there was one comment. Chris remarked that he remembered having this at my apartment before we were married. That was my Mom's. Those amazing CARE packages she sent over! And he remembered the pieces of meat being larger. Yes, she did add ribs.... After we get through these 8 bags of Minestra Maritata I will make a batch hopefully closer to what we both remember.
Click here for this recipe.

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