Saturday, March 19, 2011

Pasta with Meat Sauce and Zeppole

Happy St Joseph's Day. I gave up sweets for Lent. Now I don't know if it was just something my mom made up or if it is really true but if you give up sweets for Lent on the Feast of St. Joseph you can have Zeppole! I picked up my dad and we went to Whole Foods, chicken breast on sale, and I first went to the Bakery and asked if they had any Zeppole. They just sold the last two... Uh oh... Next stop, which should have been the first stop, was Peschell's Pastry Shop in West Haven. They had a filling that I have never encountered in a Zeppole, Cannoli. Sold. And I picked up a couple of vanilla. Well I thought the Cannoli filling was a little over the top. I'm just a basic vanilla or chocolate filling girl. And the vanilla was amazing!
For dinner we had Pasta with Meat Sauce. And if I do say so it was delicious. We had some Gnarly Head Zinfandel. Great licorice and vanilla flavors.
Speaking of wine, last night we went to Wine and Whiskers Wine Tasting which was a fund raiser for Forgotten Felines. Forgotten Felines is a no-kill cat shelter where we adopted Lucy. It was at Woodwinds which is owned and operated by... Chef Silvio! Fantastic food. A salmon which was so flaky and the tortellini were perfect. Salads, vegetable, potatoes and rice, it was a very nice buffet. We tasted some nice wine. And sponsored a couple of cats, Finnegan and Kasey, both who were at the shelter when we adopted Lucy.

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Sprigs of Rosemary said...

My family's zeppole weren't filled . . but these look great! And my dad, named Joe, always told us that even if you gave up sweets for Lent, zeppole were okay.