Saturday, August 27, 2011

Have you heard about Irene?

So there is a category whatever hurricane heading in our direction. What would you do? Well this is what I did.
Roasted Cauliflower!
 Lucy catching up on the storm this morning
Back to the storm. Last night I watched, for the first time, a full newscast about the upcoming storm. I was inundated with Irene. I knew the storm was coming and I was sure I was prepared. Cat food, kitty litter, water, vodka and ice. What else would we need! Well I woke up at 3:30 this morning in a panic that I was not prepared.
I won't even start about the trip to the grocery store at 7am!
Somewhere in all the "how to prepare for a storm" reading that I caught up on this morning was someone saying that you should us up all the things in your refrigerator that would not last if you lost power. So I get it into my head that I needed to use everything up. You see were this is heading...
I should also add that we have the potential of losing power. We have propane and plenty of food to throw on the grill. But what if we lose power before I can cook dinner tomorrow night and it is pouring rain out?
So here is what I made today... in case I lose power and can't post for awhile, I do like to be prepared!
For dinner tonight to keep up with the clean out the refrigerator idea I used the leftover Tomato-Zuchini Tian to make a pasta dish. I sauteed some Pancetta and added the Tomato-Zuchini Tian and some of that Roasted Cauliflower. Mixed it with some pasta and done!

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Closet Fashionista said...

Mmm tasty!
and nope, didn't go in...Julie said this morning that she tried to call you to let you know we weren't going in but you didn't pick up...I should have emailed you but I didn't think of it XD (shame on me)