Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve

I am sorry I have not posted many dinners this month. It was too busy. I took photos but to write at night seemed like too large a task. If anyone missed the posts I am sorry. To be a better blogger is on my to do list for next year.  Without any further ado lets move on to my favorite meal of the year. Christmas Eve at my sister's house.
This year Lenore and Ralph out did themselves. The Pasta. The sauce. The Stuffed Calamari. Okay stop right here. The texture of the Calamari was perfect. And the stuffing, lobster!

Fried Smelts and Eels. Eels in Vinegar. At this point I thought I died and went to heaven.

My sister made the Seafood Polpettes this year. I honestly think they taste better when someone else makes them. But what happened to the photo????

Then there were the scallops with a Balsamic Dressing on top. What? Spot on sear on the scallops. Gordon Ramsay would be happy.

Wine and cordials and cookies galore.

And a full moon too!

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