Sunday, March 20, 2016

Palm Sunday Dinner

Did you ever go to dinner at someone's house with the intention of documenting all the dishes and you start off well with photos and asking detailed questions about the dishes and then the food is so good that you stop taking photos and you just enjoy the food and the wine and the conversation. Well that is what happened today. We had dinner at Lenore and Ralph's house. Palm Sunday Dinner to be exact.
We started of with cocktails and then Ralph poured one of my Dad's Merlot's. It was very, very good. It brought back memories of the house and the basement and all the wine he made.

Then there was the antipasto. Seriously this could be the meal alone. No jars were opened for this. Everything was homemade. The Roasted Peppers, the Pickled Eggplant (sliced very thin), the pickled mushrooms and the Giardiniera.  Seriously who does this? It was so fresh and clean tasting. There were the cheese, including a provolone that I loved. There was the prosciutto and a most amazing thing. Cinghiale Salami. What! Yeah. I got to bring some of that home!
There was the tuna and olive and sardines and bread and I am sure I forgot something.

Next was the pasta dish. Homemade Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli served with Parmigiano Cheese and Olive Oil. Yes I had two servings of this. And this is when I stopped being a food blogger and just ate and enjoyed the meal.

There was the main course. Roasted Chicken, delicious. Green Peas, from the garden, and Butternut Squash, also from the garden.  There was a little person at the table who loved the peas!

We finished off with Zeppoles. Lenore cut them in quarters so I had a 1/4 Chocolate and 1/4 Vanilla.

I also got a heads up one next week's Easter menu. One of my favorite things will be on the table. Stay tuned!

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