Monday, April 11, 2016

7 Years!

Seven years ago, about this time of night I had finished baking a lot of Easter Pies. I poured a glass of wine and wished I could pick up the phone and call my mom and tell her about all the baking I had done. That is when I started this blog.

Let's take a little trip down memory lane. Here is a list of some blog firsts, some favorite posts, and recipes, and some sad things, and some happy things.

The first post -  Twas the night before Easter…

The first post with a photo - Lucia At Home

The first post with a recipe - Pane Cotto

The first post with a family recipe - If I knew you were coming I would have baked a cake.

The first post with my Mom's Baked Macaroni recipe - Mom's Baked Macaroni

Blog post I am glad I just reread-  "Wow This Is Delicious!"

The first post with Mom's Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe - 100th Post!

The first post with a photo of a cat - Roasted Chicken Purses

The first time I made 18 hour bread - Pasta with Meat Sauce...

One of my favorite photos of my Dad - Fettuccine Primavera

Learning how to can tomatoes with Dad - Canning Tomatoes with Dad

The Food Blog Challenge and one of my favorite photos of my Mom and me - Challenge #1: Ready, Set, Blog!

A day with my Dad - Roasting Peppers with Dad and a Visit to Whole Foods

A sad post - Dinner?

There is a bird in our house! - Vegetable Soup with Squash and Orzo

Meeting one of my favorite cooks - Lidia!

My favorite post Christmas Dinner - Deviled Bones

The most viewed blog post - Hell's Kitchen Chicken Parmesan

The saddest post of all - My Dad

My parent's 10th great-grandchild - The Circle of Life

Realizing I need to adjust how I cook, aka cooking for two - A Funny Little Dinner

Favorite work lunch - I Confess

Proud God-parents - The Baptism

Cooking Australian - Italy vs Australia 

Of course - One More Hug...

Book Club at my house! - The Book Club - Mona Lisa

My favorite new recipe - Chicken Cutlets and Roasted Green Beans

A recipe I never thought I would make - Book Club, Delicious!  

A day trip - Arthur Avenue AKA Disneyland 

The Stuffed Artichoke Saga - By George, I Think I've Got It! 

I could have picked out a lot more but I doubt anyone will even get this far in the post. Do I have anything on a wish list for next year... not really other than putting meals on the table that Chris likes. Well I might like to try making a decent pignoil cookie.

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Whats Cookin Italian Style Cuisine said...

Congrats to your 7 years I feel the same way about mom. I hate getting older we are them now. Hang in there GF XO HUGS looking forward to many more years of reading your blog!