Sunday, September 13, 2020

Bolognese Sauce and Home Made Pappardelle

This was the first sauce for the freezer for this fall season. Yes we have reached the time of year where I start stocking up the freezer with dinners, casseroles, soups and of course, sauce. I usually make my Mom's Sauce, but this Bolognese Sauce is so darn good. The recipe is Lidia's but I followed a tip I picked up from watching Michael Symon during the lock down. You add the meat first and let it brown before breaking it up. Those brown bits of meat are worth doing this step.

I ended up with 5 zip-lock bags of sauce for the freezer. Money in the bank!
For the pasta I made hand cut Pappardelle using the only pasta recipe I have ever used, the Tide and Thyme Recipe. This pasta and this sauce were meant to be together.

Click here for Lidia's Bolognese Sauce Recipe.

While the sauce was simmering for a few hours some of us caught up on our cat naps!


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