Sunday, April 18, 2021

Air Fryer Fried Chicken Again

Nailed it! This time I tried a different recipe for the Air Fryer Fried Chicken and was very pleased with the result.

The recipe I followed was from Fabulessly Frugal,

I did make some changes. 

I did not add the spice mix to the marinade. I marinated in only buttermilk (Milk and Lemon Juice) and the hot sauce.

For the spice mix, I left out the onion powder. But other than that I followed the video. 

It was the double-dipping of the chicken that made the difference here.

And the chicken was crispy and tender and the breading was not too spicy. Loved it!!!

This will be the house Fried Chicken Recipe. Click YouTube Link above for the recipe.

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