Friday, June 25, 2021

The Grill is Ready

Chris fired up the Weber Grill tonight and the result was 2 beautifully cooked Delmonico Steaks.

This week Chris mentioned that T & J, an IGA store in East Haven, was having their 50th Anniversary sale. I looked at the flyer online and made a run over there at lunch yesterday.

Porterhouse steaks for $7.50 a pound. Delmonico Steaks/Rib Eye for $8.50 a pound.

My favorite steak is the Porterhouse/T-Bone. So I came home with 4 family packs, containing 2 steaks each of Porterhouse Steaks. These steaks are about 2 inches thick. I used the food vacuum sealer and packaged them up for the freezer. 

Tonight we had the one Rib Eye family pack that I purchased.

I use to shop at T & J when we lived in East Haven. I had forgotten about their incredible meat and fish departments. It is a 10-minute ride from work. Yeah!!!

And we needed to open a bottle of wine to go with dinner. Our wine sommelier made a nice selection for us to try. 


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