Friday, May 26, 2023

Farmers Market Dinner

Early dismissal at work today because of the holiday weekend. 

I made a beeline to the Madison Farmers Market. I get back Madison too late on Fridays to take advantage of the amazing produce and products.

But today was different.

I got a pound of sea scallops that were caught, is that what is is called, this morning in North Stonington from T.A.LK. Seafood out of Stonington.

$25 per pound and we got 16 nice sized scallops.

I used my go to scallop recipe. from

It is so simple.

The recipe mentions making extra sauce for sopping up with bread. Well that is just what I did. I picked up a baguette from Wave Hill Breads. They have had a stand at the Farmers Market from day one. Excellent bread. Perfect for this sauce!

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