The Simplest, Best Shrimp Dish Ever

Tonight we had The Simplest, Best Shrimp Dish Ever. Really that is the name and yes it is simple and really good. I got the recipe from the Mark Bittman Blog.

As a side dish I made, from the Smitten Kitchen, Spring Panzanella. It is such a pretty dish. And it too was very good. Also has some Roasted Cauliflower which was almost eaten before dinner.


Debi said…
I vow to not read your blog before bed. You did it again. Starving! Even though I ate shrimp all week on the Cape! :)
Mr. Bill said…
The Shrimp Dish sounds delish! Unfortunately, we better enjoy every one we can still get...I have a feeling they are going to be endangered in my kitchen when the price sky rockets!

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