Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Vegetable Frittatta (with a little bacon)

My friend Debi, from Sh*t My 5-Year-Old Says, recently asked me if I was going to try a 365 recipe challenge. It would involve not repeating a recipe for a year. Well I could not attempt that because of 2 recipes. One being my mom's Baked Macaroni and the other would be the Vegetable Frittatta. The frittatta is the perfect dinner when you are looking in the refrigerator and wondering what the hell to make. As long as you have eggs you are set.
Tonight's had zucchini, onion, shallot, potato, Ricotta Salata and Fontina Cheese. And I added some bacon to the mix. We made sandwiches with a sliced Italian bread which was great. The slices were thicker than the usual brand I get. And yes once again it is all about the bread!

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Debi said...

If I'm in your food blog then I must be famous!!! Because you'll be the next food blog star of course. I can say I knew you when you couldn't even go 365 days without a repeat, and now you have your own cookbook?? Can't wait. :) And,this recipe is definitely on my list what with all the veggies I'm amassing these days.