Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Perfect Pie

No I did not bake the perfect pie today.

I went to RJ Julia bookstore to see and hear Michele Stuart, the author of The Perfect Pie. Back in July I posted about a Key Lime Pie that my niece brought over to my sister's house. When I saw that the owner of the Michele's Pies was going to be speaking at the bookstore the first think I thought was that maybe she will bring samples! Well guess what - she did! I had some Zucchini Nut Bread and some Peach Pie that was amazing. There was also some Chocolate Pecan Boubon Pie, which I brought home for Chris to try. Oh he liked it!

She had a wonderful story about learning to bake her grandmother's pie recipes and starting out at farmer's markets and ending up with 2 bakeries. And also winning many awards along the way. She said the most important ingredient in her crust is love. Without love the crust will not work.

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